September 3, 2011

A Meteor Shower I Will Never Forget - Perseids 2011

This year I was invited to what turned out to be the biggest meteor shower event I have ever experienced, it was on a global scale. Global meaning WORLD WIDE.

Click here to watch it ( I tried to add it here, but, something went wonky).

My friend GianLuca Masi hosts the most amazing Virtual Telescope events online, free, at least 200 or less people attend and you can chat with everyone as the show is happening.  You can connect to him on Facebook and he will send you an event message when they happen. Amazing astronomy chat happens every  time. Astronomy buffs from all around the world attend.  The images in the video is EXACTLY what I see through GianLuca's scope. Here are some photo's to show you what you will see, actually, more like EXPERIENCE!

Follow this link to find where to be a part of it, as always, GianLuca you did a phenomenal job!


Paulie said...

I love what Gianluca does with the Virtual Telescope Project. I wish I could "attend" more of his events, but the ones I've seen have been awesome. I recommend going to the chatroom for VTP events, to share the experience with astronomers all over the world.

NiteSkyGirl said...

I love the astronomy chat Paulie! I always end up helping people with their observing or help them fix their scope & such. some of the conversations leave me with smokin hair looking like buckwheat when I log off.


Meteor Mike said...

I'll be at the next one for sure!!

Niteskygirl always lts us know when cool stuff is going on!

She is back yay!