September 21, 2011


From my observing journal: September 22, 2011

I'm on Jupiter's tail tonight. That planet has no tail but,still, I am on it. I dragged myself out here, it is nicer out than I thought. I had a busy day but when I went out 10 minuets earlier that was a huge object in the sky and that sucker  was taunting me to get my scope out and explore it and the four moons it was with in the sky. So even though I love to go out and observe I made the commitment of  not being lazy. I was being called out there whether I was too tired tonight or not, I had to answer it's call.

So I bundle up with a few sweatshirts a hat and lay down the doggie beds and blankets and heeeey wait a minute! Where did all the fricken clouds come from? wow they come quick. Jupiter was fading and brightening like it was on a dimmer switch which told me the clouds were not very thick.  After I stepped out in the grass to assess the clouds I realized tonight was a peekaboo night. No steady skies for deep observation, the clouds were out to tease the stargazers this night.  So I pull out Ambrosia and get my 26mm eyepiece  all tightened in and Jupiter looked great! Nice double band and steady seeing for a few minuets. The four moons were scattered to it's left. Wow what a showpiece in the eyepiece. also i have noticed the past week that planet is  on the move! Just last week it was on the horizon.  When it seems to be on the move faster night by night I call it 'Jumpin Jupiter. Here is a shot of it i took in Ambrosia, my 12 inch dobsonian through my 26mm eyepiece. It was hard to get a shot because the clouds were not cooperating but it's still a shot of it, oh no! I shot Jupiter!

So after waiting and then observing a few seconds here and there jupiter was worth the commitment to come out. I'm committed to coming out but when I'm tired I listen. It was a great idea to come out.

Here is what Jupiter exactly looks like in my 12 inch dobsonian I compared to make sure. With my 25mm eyepiece and 2x barlow.

 When Jupiter was hiding between the clouds I'd swing my scope to the stars, Persues is absolutely packed with spectacular blue stars, Mirfak area is a blast to explore, caught some galaxies in Pegasus and then visited the Andromeda galaxy, then onto Cassiopeia. Also I saw a supernova! wow incredible chance to see one in my telescope, epic moment. M101 is a sight to be seen in itself but tonight a star is in the spotlight in that area.

Then around 12:32am the clouds rolled in their heavy  stuff and completely covered the sky so I packed everything in, sat on the blankets with Sophy for a bit and then it was bedtime.  I am always glad to go out for a few when something special is happening in the sky,  always worth it.  The clouds won over the sky but I had fun playing with my optics and filmed a little. An hour and a half battling the clouds is not bad, it was fun!

Video I made: The Quietness At The Eyepiece.


Josh !! said...

Niteskygirl welcome back to the astronomy community, you were very missed. We all love your support for backyard astronomy buffs and I admire your enthusiasm SOOOOOO MUCH!

You are a boon to astronomy online and your help when people write you for help in choosing the right telescope and all the observing questions you answer.

You are VERY LOOKED UP TOO! We appreciate you very much and you have touched everyone's lives with your curiosity and love of sharing observing and enjoying life and I love how you tell everyone to live curious.

Your a joy to know! Welcome back!

Kyle said...

I second everything josh said, even Glenn Chaple wrote about you in Astronomy magazine, that is BIG!

Alex said...

Thanks for helping me find the Persues double cluster last week, I FOUND IT!

I've emailed AAA LOOOOOT of astronomers and your the first one who actually did not tell me ' I have no tie for amateurs' or even took the time to write back and after 42 (not kidding!) astronomers I tried to contact for help, your the only one who still uses a backyard telescope and was kind enough to help me.

BLESS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Grafton Street said...

I appreciate Glenn Chaple adding her to the magazine before, she would be a great book writer!

I enjoy everything she writes! LOVING THE VIDEOS!

Steve O said...

I'm glad your not hoity toity! No other astronomer wouldn't be as nice as you are!!

I love how you put photos on when they are out of focus, most only put their good photos, love that kind of sharing ad wow you see it big!

Ambrosia the telescope ROCKS!

Samantha said...

Agrees with josh, after 3 weeks of emailing back and forth with nsg, I know how to use my barlow for whatever objects I wish to observe!

Ben said...

She is helping me learn how to hunt for deep sky objects ..found 4 star clusters last night, her guidance and techniques are priceless.

Orly said...

She is going to be speechless when she reads this!

NiteSkyGirl said...

I am Orly, wow I am overwhelmed, I just want people to enjoy the joy astronomy brings and the peace and great lifestyle the night sky brings.


What a blessing is having the night sky connection in my life and I LOVE being a part of the astronomy community, makes my life extra enjoyable!

Life isn't hard, we make it hard :)

Chance said...

Wow how sweet!



Give a hug too Sophy!

Tony T said...

I really like the photo you made from Stellarium astronomy software !! Cool!

The film is awesome, cool how you shone a light on your scope it gives perspective of what you were doing out there, enjoying your night at the scope!

LOUD crickets, your camera really picks them up!

NiteSkyGirl said...

Tony I am trying to film the frog in my pond , wait till you hear it.. sounds nice with the crickets.

Tonight I am going to take my Cosmic Challenge book by Phil Harrington and have fun catching some. AWESOME challanges in that book, pick it up guys!

the link for it is on my story ' planetary and lunar challenge'.

Kenn said...

I have phil's book niteskygirl! you mentioned it on facebook and i love it!!

You have great taste in observing books!

Gregg said...

Niteskygirl and buying the right first telescope working with YOUR budget of what you can afford is like Sandra Rinomato with first time property buyers.

she's the Sandra of the telescope world!!

Sam Larsen said...

When I was a kid I thought, planets are fare away. Since I saw them through my telescope, I know, that this is not true. They are our very near neighbours in space and time.