September 19, 2011

The Moon And Venus 2009

From Observing Journal: February 27 2009
Wow tonight I am really excited! I found out my  Fuji Fine Pix pocket camera  has a 'night' setting. So I took it outside and I got this shot, facing east at dusk. I can still feel the cc-old breeze on my face.

Wow ever nice to have pics for my observing journal. I got Story out and had a blast observing the moon and Venus. Earlier I printed out info on it and now I am enjoying it. Wow.

Sept 19, 2011 - Here is the article I printed out, looked it up for fun. Venus will be in our sky in October and I am looking forward to seeing her in my scopes again. I still have that camera but I use my new one outside now. If you click on the Tonight's Night Sky link to the upper right of my blog, I have info on Venus's forthcoming visit.  CANNOT WAIT! WOO HOO!


Corey said...

,'|'*☆ღ☆*'|_Just stopped in
, \*☆♥☆* /¯)). to share a..
..乀____乄¯ ♥ "Cup of LOVE!"•♥*¨`*•
Sending Smiles and Hugs. Have a Beautiful day! ♥ [ ♥ ^ ♥ ] ♥

Stargeezer Jake said...

What a GORGEOUS photo!

Wow that is a beee-uuut!

Meteor Mike said...

Enjoy how excited you get when planets are around the sky!!!

Dean said...

Yeah Meteor Mike I was thinking the same thing, fun astronomer!

Anonymous said...

LOVE the fun fonts on here !!

Paulie said...

When Venus comes back around into our evening sky again next month, it's time to start thinking 2012 TRANSIT! :D

NiteSkyGirl said...

OOH! 2012 transit! I'll be gathering info on that!