February 6, 2012

Summer Sky Joy In .. January?

From my observing journal: January 29
This morning at 6:40am I went outside to bring Sophy out  to answer natures call and It was actually mild out, so mild out I felt  amazing. Very happy to feel the mild  air. It felt soooo good on my face I took off my winter hat and hood off my parka and yelled " Wow! it is so mild out wow that feels good".

I got so energized, the night sky was dark and another amazing thing happened, my summer, my beloved summer sky was out. All of my constellations I love to observe was above me and all around. My favorite area was to the east, the summer triangle. The summer triangle is a part of  my heart, I have indescribable joy  for them.

They are the constellations I learned to know the sky with when I first began observing them in 2000. I can still feel the amazing  joy in me from when I first got to learn about Cygnus, Lyra and the star Altair. My deep bond with Vega from those first nights of exploring blue stars in Lyra will always be there. This morning I was so happy too see them all in the sky, including Hercules and Scorpio. I just stopped in my tracks this morning, joy started getting  to me and I said "Sophy it is my summer sky, wow it's here!". Then I got teary eyed and started to cry a little, I have missed them so much this winter, observing in general.

But, I'm ready to attack! I have been studying deep, very very deep sky maps to find challenging things out in space this year, bring em on!  The mild air on my face made me sappy too, the amazing feeling of spring air is so welcomed and refreshing rather than the biting cold. So amazing to feel it on my face I felt renewed. Great feeling to start a new day!

Sophy and I were both enjoying the very refreshing  fresh air and as the sun came up  you could only see Vega and Mars and I sat there feeling connected to my summer sky, in January, how bizarre is that!  Even though it is only january 29th  today, the yearly March Messier Marathon is right around the corner.