August 28, 2011

A Galactic Full Moon-Lite Surprise

 From my observing journal: August 11, 2011  11pm-1:24am
Temp:  70* Moon phase: "Waxing Gibbous" 95 % full.

So I went to enjoy the light of the full moon and I received a galactic surprise. I had a complete blast photographing the moon's light that was splashed around my backyard and my house. I am more a goof off rather than a serious one with my digital camera,but, tonight I shot some exciting shots around my backyard of the moon light bouncing onto my house. You can check them out by scrolling down too my story called ' A Night Enjoying Some Moon-Shine'.

Later I decided to pick up my new binocs and explore the new constellations  popping up around the northeast area of the sky. First thing I did was breeze my binocs around Cassiopeia, what a fun area to explore. If you like to see lots of cool stars this is an area you'll like. I spent about 20 minutes just moving my binocs any which way above and below Cassiopeia A star. Then I saw the star Andromeda galaxy is above was out so I popped it to the star and wow what a great orange star!

I am so impressed with my new binoculars it was worth every penny. As I got wandering around my binocs were living up to it's name 'Messiers Comet' they were gliding to precision. All of a sudden there was a huge fuzzy, oblong in roundness and unmistakably there. Wow once I had that in my view they were locked in, these binocs were not moving any time soon. Now remember, I am a telescope girl so you'd see me with my scope out more than binoculars out there but  now it's a competition. My old 10x50 binocs I used many times but Messiers Comet is packed for a punch so I'll be cruising the skies with them every chance I get. When Andromeda galaxy was in view it was a very well seen smudge and reminded me of when Comet Holmes was out October 2007. Wasn't that Comet a blast?

Let's get  back to that orange star, it was so spectacular, I enjoyed looking at it. The star is Mirach in constellation Andromeda. Then as I moved my binocs upward to the galaxy I was scouting out there is a smaller group of stars hanging out together  and I'd say there were maybe 6 or 7 of them, dim but well seen. It surprised me how it came into my view so easy, and wide. I got hungry for more galaxies to find in my  binocs but I left my observing books inside, decided to just poke aimlessly around the sky tonight.  So around 12:30am the old unwanted yawning started and I did have a busy day so I started to pack it in and as I went to grab the blankets I saw it, a blob of light north-east. I thought it was a close airplane, there is an airport across the river. As I walked across my lawn I remembered airplanes do not come from that direction and realized it was Jupiter.

So I grabbed my binocs and saw Jupiter and saw the spectacular disk and three moons  and was glad to see Jupiter. Looking forward to this years adventures with Jupiter.  Always nice to have a planet gracing our skies at night. Too the right and up  to the East more Uranus is out, looks like I'll have a challange up my sleeve with my 12 inch dobsonian. A double planetary hunt!

(Here is the trail I describe above, click for bigger photo)


NiteSkyGirl said...

I forgot to add .. I will never forget this fun night I wrote about!

Stargeezer Jake said...

I enjoy how you really get descriptive with your observing. Also thanks for putting up a photo of the trail you were looking at. I clicked the photo bigger and studied it, then
re-read your post and now i'm going to head outside to look.

Love the name of your binocs. Also I enjoyed the part where you wrote:

Then as I moved my binocs upward to the galaxy I was scouting out there is a smaller group of stars hanging out together and I'd say there were maybe 6 or 7 of them, dim but well seen.

I'm going to look for that!!

Bob Deeks said...

OMG nice work! Wow sounds like you had a great time poking around without your observing books!

Nice to do that now and then.

I've been out looking at Jupiter with my 10 inch scope and I am enjoying sketching where the moons are around Jupiter.

Tomorow night i'm going to find the grouping of stars you mention.

Awesome blog girl!

Anonymous said...

I have a great pair of binocs and I enjoy looking at galaxies in them.

Ben said...

Re: I am a telescope girl so you'd see me with my scope out more than binoculars out there but now it's a competition.

I enjoy the words you chose. Very fun to read.

Just Matt said...

Actually being able to see some of the deep space objects or the details of objects in our solar system leaves me breathless.

Astro Steve said...

A guy from my observing club sent me this site he found and I am so inspired to get back into observing mode. Left my life because no one enjoyed being happy as I do and now ready to live for myself if that does not sound too selfish.

Wow your an inspiring observer. Your words took me on a deep dive to the outer space world and thank you for putting links up on what objects you look at, nice visuals and your fonts are fun.

You seem to be enjoying life, great little dog, dogs are awesome life buddies, I have a golden lab named Andromeda and she is my life line.

Clear skies to you NSG! Awesome writing!

Orly said...

That is nice Steve!
Some people chose misery and it is not easy being around it! We can choose to love life or be dragged down in the gutter, you chose to love life.

Re: fonts are fun

She is a fun person who teaches people in the astro world to enjoy life and live curious all the time.

Glad to know my astronomy buddy,she changed my astronomy life. and a really nice friend!

Zack said...

Woah cool photo at the end of your star hopping, I went out last night
and found the little circle of stars you mentioned and that was fun!

I ordered the same binocs you have and cannot wait to get them, when night sky girl talks of astronomy equipment and which is good or bad, listen up, she is a pro at astro equipment.

I asked her what telescope to buy 2 years ago and I am so happy with it.

GOOD GOING STEVE! Others bad attitude sucks. cool on the move, new life!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for bringing your love of the night skies to our eyes!

I have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night. Sarah Williams, poet (1837-1868)

Grafton Street said...

So I wrote out the star hopping you did here and went out to follow it.

Very much enjoyed it NSG, keep sharing! Love the links you posted in a post below, keep sharing em with us who enjoy your blog.

Stargeezer Jake said...

Hey Niteskygirl! I know your a fan of messier hunting every year, I thought you'd get a kick out of this!!!

On my name there is a link..

Where it says ... So, 27 Messiers in 6 hours the emoticon is hilarious!

NiteSkyGirl said...

WOW that is really funny, I burst out laughing! everywhere you see the word astronomy it should have that behind it.

Thanks for sharing that! love it to bits. So friggin awesome lol perfect emoticon for what he said!!

Ben said...

LOL at the emoticon lol!!!

Luke said...

good one jake!

LenSpock said...

I Geek Astronomy!

Anonymous said...

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Jax said...

I found this earlier this week and maybe the peeps here might enjoy it.

Paulie said...

I don't use my binoculars often enough, but Andromeda Galaxy is almost best viewed in them. I swear one night I will lay down and just watch Andromeda in my binoculars for an hour.

Meteor Mike said...

WOOOOOOW what a great read!!