September 5, 2011

The Two Am Planetary Wake up Call

So last night just after two am Sophy woke me up to use the great outdoors outhouse and I had to force myself out  of my nice toasty warm bed. I dragged myself to my closet and threw on a pair of sweat pants and my George Mason University sweat shirt and walked down my hall, out the kitchen door and out through the back porch doors to my patio. As I threw on the hood and watched Sophy hippity- hop through the grass searching for the right spot I looked up.

WOAAAH! HELLO JUPITER!  Right  now it is looking spectacular out there right now, it's poppin!  I yelled "Jupiter! wow Pleiades too!". Then I looked northeast and mister Perseus is up. Along with Cassiopeia in full view. It was a nice sky folks! It will be looking like that for a few weeks to come so if your doggie wakes you up to answer his/her nature's call bring your love of the night sky, it is a great sight. I wanted to pull out my observing equipment and telescope but, I have an astronomer's meeting online tonight and I like to get a full night's sleep the night before.

But you know me,  I will certainly  be out there after the meeting soaking up the spectacular view and starry protons in my barlow lens. Along with my star-maps and notebook to write everything down, I am a huge believer in observing journals, diaries or whatever you like to call them. Jupiter is very huge in our night sky right now, go catch yourself a planetary delight tonight!

(after note* Some cool links are happening in comments)


Jamisen said...

I enjoy how your posts are wider than other blogs, makes the story not too long to read. I do not care how long a story is (especially about observing!) but this is nicer.

And I like how you have our blog moderated.

I have my alarm set for 2 am!! I am looking at pics of Pleiades and Cassiopeia, first time with all 3!

NiteSkyGirl said...

Thanks Jamisen!

Cassiopeia is a great place to visit! So man star clusters and home of the bubble nebula! As well as Cassiopeia A .. a powerful radio source star!

Check out my fave site for deep sky objects.

Stargeezer Jake said...


1... the post, thanks for sharing that! I set my alarm also.

2.. sharing the Cassiopeia link, love how it shows some in greyscale, the way you see it in scopes and binoculars.

3... pssst hey Sophy ... wake up your mom at 2 (and3) o'clock more often!! tee hee!

Chris said...

Seems your constantly yelling out something when your out observing!

NiteSkyGirl said...

It just blurts out not even on purpose! lol.

All part of enjoying the cosmos in my spot of the planet :)

Harley said...

I am new here. I just read your entire blog and I just love your fun fonts. I also love how you add links to everything you mention you look at, feels like I got a peek.
We see what you are talking about.

Your so emotionally in tune with everything that it would make a great book to read! 

Love that you added your equipment and links to see what they look like.

your doing a great job. I'm very inspired to get into observing! I'm going to send you an email for help if that is okay.

Your dog seems to be a blessing to you (as you are to her I guess).

NiteSkyGirl said...

Harley sure it's ok to email, I help people all the time, glad too. 

Sophy is my little girl and she is my greatest joy and a treasure to raise. Couldn't ask for a truer friend to have.

Orly said...

hmmm..hmmmm :o

NiteSkyGirl said...

Oh gee I forgot my astronomy buddie Orly , my other true friend who is waaayout accross on the other side of western america!

oooooooooh that's gotta hurt! LOL (gotcha back!)

Davear said...

My astronomy buddy is online too.
Sometimes my dog wakes me up and I got used to grabbing my binocs when let him out and usually I get laying there looking at stuff in the binocs and my dog stands here at the door annoyed and yawning loud.

too funny!

Here is Jupiter 2012 skies for everyone..

Grafton Street said...

AWESOME niteskygirl!

Loving your observing blog! MORE! MORE!

Meteor Mike said...

Here's one particular page I found a few days ago pertaining to Jupiter. I added it to my name, so click my name.

LOVING that you are back niteskygirl!
Welcome back to the astronomy community!!

Paulie said...

I don't know how many of your readers are lucky enough to have all night observations with a large aperture scope, so maybe this hasn't been widely noticed yet.

For the last couple of months I've got to see Jupiter into the predawn hours, when seeing has been pretty good at my club's observatory. I've been seeing dark spots in the Northern Equatorial Band. At least two, and they transit shortly after the GRS. They are definitely not moon shadows. I haven't heard of any new impacts, and they only place I've seen any mention of them is the Chicago Astronomer forum. The last time I was out, the dark spots were plainly visible in my 6" Dob.

Has anybody else seen these dark splotches? Heard about them? Are they a new feature, or am I just developing better observing skills? I'd like to figure out what they are.

Tadeusz Figiel said...

Well described. Also I like to steal the observations in the middle of the night