August 24, 2011

Our Night Sky Connection - An Aspiring Way

VERY glad I have a blog again, loving it how it is just about my observing , no deep astronomy writing. Observing is my focus in my life now, my life renewal, my new  observing toys and observing with them is my total focus.

When I wake up I'm already thinking of it and what I can find to observe out there and it fuels my day. Sophy too but glad to be happy and focused again on my passion for observing. I always have a star map notebook and observing book when eating etc. I have lists of plans and lists of what's out there on my scope. When I go to bed at night I am elated about being out there once again and think of how amazing it all really is or listening to At The Eyepiece podcast. Either way it is on my mind as I fall asleep. I am a happy soul.

Be glad of life because it gives you the chance to love and to work and to play and to look up at the stars.


Kyle said...

omg your inspiring! Nice to have you back niteskygirl.

Orly said...

That is sweet my friend!

Being your astronomy buddie I'm glad your enjoying your astronomy again.
Observing is the best way to focus your energies when enjoying life.

with our four legged(cats n dogs)
friends too.

How many of the star clusters are you catching tonight in our see who can find the most in our 'see who star clusters competition' tonight?

Oh that's right! It's cloudy where you are tonight and it is clear here and I'm all set to go.......


Vern said...

Astronomers never die, they just forever stare into the sky!

Paulie said...

I know what you mean, but usually after three weeks of really good telescope time, I need a break. I'm almost at that point right now, but there is too much good stuff out there, and we're losing our summer constellations. All those southern globs that I will miss, Comet Garradd, Vesta easy to find, the ice giants easily within reach now that I've taught myself how to starhop, and Jupiter getting better every night. And then there is Luna, which never bores me.

I need a break, but not too long.

Sam L said...

What are ice giants Paulie, what do you mean?????????

Heavy Metal said...

Ice giants or gas giants?

Astro Steve said...


I printed it out and it is on my fridge. You remind me of the song free falling by tom petty btw..

Orly said...


Can you feel my eyes popping out??
you would not believe how many times
she gets that!!!!

I need my dog now, wow too spooky!
Feel like a cartoon whre it's eyes pops out and you hear baooogaaah!

wow absolutely stunned lol!

Paulie said...

Sorry, I thought Uranus & Neptune were commonly referred to as ice giants. They don't have as much hydrogen as Jupiter & Saturn, and are thought to have icy cores. When referring specifically to Uranus and Neptune, I call them ice giants, instead of gas giants. I think even my astronomy textbook a few years ago classified them that way.