August 3, 2011

Binocular Universe

I love Phil Harrington's  articles he wrote in Astronomy magazine. I have them all (yes every one) printed out. I use them outside observing all the time. Very informative and very usable. I found out he is on Cloudy Nights Forum now continuing his articles. Check it out right here.

With every article  you will notice the  top left link that says download article and it opens up too easy printable version in PDF format. my printer is whirring away and I cannot wait to pop these in my observing binder I print out star tours and observing forms etc for use while at the eyepiece.

These are great to use whether using binoculars or scopes, I use every tour and go back to them time and time again.  He gives you unique ways to explore our cosmos. His illustrations accompanying the deep sky tours make it easy to find them also. So print them out for yourself and enjoy the interesting tours he has for us all.   Enjoy browsing around with a new view of exploring space at the eyepiece.


Mike B said...

Actually, as we age the use of binoculars can be a real boon since both eyes can contribute to image aquisition. A good pair of binos can be good for anyone.

Kyle said...

Phil is a really interesting observer. I too enjoy his writing. Unique view on the cosmos.