August 19, 2011

A Night Enjoying Some MoonShine

I had a blast taking photos of  my house, my dog Sophy (little brown one) and my nephew/ ol stargazing buddie  Spirit (white dog). Yes I called Spirit my nephew, he is my brothers dog.  I got inspired by my friend Martin McKenna  the NightSkyHunter's photos of his antics under the stars and wow I had a blast.

You might want to click the photos bigger and brighten your screen to see the sky. Some are not as clear, but, I'm happy to get some shots. Me and Sophy are in one shot and  one of them even has the moon splashing it's light on my laundry room floor! I used no flash at all, brightened up my camera to the brightest and on night setting with Fuji digital camera, nothing fancy.

I love it when the moon light is on my house and  coming through the windows onto the floor and I am so happy I actually have photos of it. One of my house chimney photos has a streak above it, that is an airplane passing by!


Scott said...

Nice to see my friend is sharing her nice astronomy soul again, you have so much nice stuff to teach people about enjoying life and taking what ever your passion is in life and making a great life with it. And living curious!

Email me sometime, we have lots to catch up on! glad your back on the web buddy! :)

Great photos!!

Bryce said...

The photo of the moon on the floor is a priceless one! I too get a kick out of that! Sometimes during the night I wake up and love the surprise of it.

Calvin said...

NSG what's up girl!!
Miss you in our online classes but nice your a online astro friend now! I ordered the scope you recommended for me ..cannot wait to get it!!

thanks for the help .. see you at the telescope show tomorrow night!
Glad your coming, you make it more fun to be there.

Henry said...

Nice blog! Thanks for the daily clicks on the right, love those and cool goings on the Messiers Comet name for your binoculars, I'm a big time Messier Marathon doer every march.

Pan said...

Thanks for sharing your interesting life behind the telescope lens!

I love the airplane streak and a chimney at night is really interesting to me.

Luke said...

wow you captured the heart of the amazing feeling we all have for our connection with backyard stargazing and observing.

BEAUTIFUL! Sophy is so adorable!!

Sam said...

I'm surprised no one on your astronomy buddies list comments lol.

I get a kick out of subtle sky happenings in photo's and the airplane lights going by are interesting to me. You must have an airport by you.

NiteSkyGirl said...

Sam yes I do ..across the river in the states from me, I count at least 18 - 20 within a few hours at night.

(Yay it's my ol friend Scott! Hey Scott!)