November 13, 2011

My Observing Stuff

So finally I am sharing my observing toys and trinkets. I am always asked so I thought I would make a video, tried to keep it at a minumum of explanations  and time. After the video I have  Links  of accesories and stuff I mention in the video. Click the bottom x  for  full screen (or your choice of viewing it.). I enjoyed making it for everyone, now I want to make observing videos! Especially out under the stars this coming summer.

Links to products I mention in this video:

Here are the blue photos I mentioned as wel as 'USE YOUR FLASH' as I forgot to mention.


Anonymous said...

WOW !!!!!! you have great stuff!!

Anonymous said...

And I forgot .. never heard of splitting double stars with a moon filter before!!

COOOOL!I'm a double star nut!

Rob H said...


digging the fancy names on your eyepieces!!

Kyle said...

Okay your funny!

Plosiful instead of plossal, then you giggled ,
then you dropped a screw from your scope then giggled. funny.

WOOOW YOU HAVE QUITE THE ASSASINS BOX THERE! Nite skygirl the deep sky assasin! :)

Stargeezer Jake said...

RE: Nite skygirl the deep sky assasin! :)


NiteSkyGirl said...

My next observing equipment I will order..

a cloud assasinator!! :)~ :) :)

Lance said...


I watched this last night, went to our wall-mart and bought two and wow they are
great! Everything fits in perfect and I'm glad you mentioned they have grey!

Okay I'm a guy here niteskygirl,

I yelled to my wife (who was upstairs sewing) "I'm going to wall-mart!" she asked what i'm going to pick up and I yelled " a make up box isn't that great?". Came back to my wife looking worried .. didn't realize how It sounded as I left the house.


thanks for being so resourceful!

Jazz said...

The idea of writing the filter info on the while side of the case is really a neat idea. you have so many great tips in facebook for us all and great too see them here too.

Anonymous said...

Your second video.. sophie your dog cracks me up when you are showing your sharpie. She smells it and the camera lol.


John Kramer said...

Love the eyepiece case! I use my neutral density filter as well on double-stars and on Jupiter, works great to cut down the glare.