November 19, 2011


If it was not for the dropping, freezing tempratures this night would have been a pristine night for observing. The crispyness of the cold air made the skies absolutely clear and the seeing was spectacular.

The sky was so beautifully laid out with every star and planet, which is Jupiter right now, shining at their absolute maximum brightness. Betelgeuse is such a high intensity orange I was a magnet on it with my scope.  Just absolutely stunning.

Perseus was proudly placed among Auriga and Gemini and the Pleiades were a pleasure to observe. With my 10mm eyepiece and barlow lens I happily observed Merope and the bright blue nebulous haze around it. Very fascinating constellation to observe with my 12 inch dob. Jupiter's clarity is is a nice target lately, especialy with the moons in a different spot each night.

I truly love observing the three star clusters of Auriga, they are a great sight in the scope too me. Cassiopeia is in the best spot right now for viewing her deep sky objects around the area. I always enjoy stopping at the deep sky objects on this page in  and around the fun constellation I printed out. I visited all the objects on the list tonight!

The winter nights are very uncomfortably cols and a little hazerdous to our health to be out there in such frigid conditions but it is a part of us too stay connected to our cherished  observing life.


Steve W said...

spectacular indeed!!!!

Gregg said...

You are so cool! Enjoying having you on facebook! you teach us so many great things!!

NiteSkyGirl said...

I'm enjoying Facebook~ the astronomy community is amazing!! The conversations about astronomy on there is epic!

Ben said...

Does Glenn Chaple ever comment? I know he reads this blog.

Corey said...

He does???????

Hi Glenn! :)

Rick Wiggins said...

Nice!!!! Enjoyed your blog! - ♥