November 12, 2011


Wow the Moon has been experiencing amazing effects from falls weather (clouds are on the move in high winds!), mostly from atmospheric happenings . Two nights in a row I was out with my scope and camera having a blast. Jupiter and the Moon got close out there, awesome! Night sky is wild this week.

So last night I popped out and the Moon was so mystic looking, it was foggy and dewy, bad night for scopes and optics but great moment to capture with my camera. So here it is on film and photos. The Moon turned out awesome. Very cool orange effect.

This is one of the crazy high wind clouds blowing by the Moon and jupiter like the clouds were on fast forward. My batteries died just after this photo, which is not clear but you can see the cool event.

The Moon next morning at 7:30am. Wow you could see the dark grey features so well at the moment with just your eyes. Epic visual moment! That is my neighbors roof, wires and antenna's do not go with the Moons amazing-ness, it was so bright!

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Steve W said...

I am really enjoying your videos! Keep em coming!