November 6, 2011

Moon-Lit Jet Streams Above My Backyard

I walked out of my back porch  and stepped outside  to get something in my shed and I of course looked up as I  was walking and one of my very favorite sky events in the summer was happening. Watching the jet streams from airplanes being lit up by the Moon. these I call events because I find them fascinating.  Just an incredible sight too me. I love the way they look with the Moon itself being out there.

The sky happening when the moon and airplanes meet is so amazing!!  People on the airplane have no idea what a a fascinating thing they left behind when flying above my backyard!!   Try brightening up your screen and full screen the video too see it, it was brighter on my camera.


Morgan F said...

Wow what an amazing show!! I get a real kick out of that too. Nice touch with the camera, wonderfully impressive captures. When I see that in my area on this wonderful planet earth, Time freezes and I just grab a lawn chair and binoculars and enjoy it!!

Dan said...

NICE! Very awe inspiring!

Samuel L said...


LOOVE IT!! I will be watching for that in the sky now, I have L.A.X airport around me!

Your so enjoying everything!

Gregg said...

The bottom left photo looks like a twister!! Small one!

Zack said...

Cool noticing that Gregg!

Wow that's almost a phenomenon!