May 10, 2012

Happy To See My Summer Stargazing Friend Vega

Vega is rising north east tonight! I was so happy to see it I started to kind of cry, I have a deep connection to Lyra. It was the constellation I learned how to line my scope up too, find deep sky objects with my scopes and it was a bewildering experience when I was learning.

 In winter I always feel a piece of me is missing because it is too cold to observe and tonight I feel whole again. Bootes is wonderfully placed and Leo and Mars are roaring out there! So happy summer stargazing /observing is back! Happy tears :)

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Malcolm Scrimger said...

Are you enjoying the phases that Venus is going through? It's getting bigger and becoming more pronounced in the Western sky and looking much like a phase of the Moon. Quite delightful to see.