May 3, 2012


I AM SO INSPIRED! I watched october sky last night and I am so inspired by it. I feel so lucky to be apart of the astronomy and everything that it has to offer for you. My community online (you!) inspires me to live my passion for observing and the night sky to the max, even though it is already my life! I laid in bed last night staring at my ceiling being so overwhelmed with gratitude.

This astronomy world life we live everyday is such an amazing experience and a fabulous (what?)  way to spend each day. When Jake's character was watching sputnik and they showed the little orb traveling across the sky I fell in love with the night sky all over again and I already love it.

Watch the awesome trailer RIGHT HERE, love the Sputnik original broadcast!


One thing I, well two actually, I got a kick out of when they were looking at a 50's magazine figuring out how to build a rocket it said 'Amateur Rocket Making'. I wonder if it is actually an old magazine! Also when Jake's character was looking through the old magazines they actually looked like the originals. I wanted to pause the movie, step in and read and look through all of them! They look like the one's Mike and Frank always find on American Pickers. I would like to find them all on Google and read them! See what year they were published also!

So, 11pm last night Sophy and I went under the stars well, so she can go to the bathroom and I stood there by her and looked up, beautiful wispy clouds and the stars, Moon, Venus and just the exhilarating feeling of it being in the 70's was awesome. I wanted too grab my suitcase full of star-maps etc and my scope and get back into summer stargazing/observing, but, I am finally feeling well from my food stuff, gluten free girl here, and I have been so busy I forgot to keep up with my healthy ways of eating. So after I laid there geeked out from October Sky and the meteor that shot thru while I was standing there with Sophy  I got  a good night's sleep.

I am interested in finding more about clouds for the daytime  so after ordering some cloud books and the original 'Rocket boys by: Homer  Hickham' <--  The book the movie was based on, gotta read it, so fascinating.

I'm ready for launch!

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