July 26, 2011

Reconnecting With The Stars, Do They Ever Leave Your Soul?

 Tonight I am taking a night off from observing, but I still feel in touch with the summer sky. Last night I attended a virtual telescope star party from 11pm untill 2:30 am then out in my own backyard of the cosmos I toured some more with my telescope untill 3am. I want to grab my new observing book, star maps and notebook and head back out there but it is just too hot, dangerously hot. So I am going to get a good nights sleep then head out tomorrow night. 

Earlier tonight as I was going through a copy of Night Sky Magazine a question about Regulas the star came up on Jeopardy and I yelled Leo Major! Yes! So nice to be back into my cozy niche with the night sky and planets, star clusters and other goodies in the Milky Way galaxy and beyond. Truly felt so happy I teared up. Loving my Astronomy again. 


Joe said...

THANK YOU!!!!! For making your text larger, I have bifocals so they help!

NiteSkyGirl said...

Your welcomed Joe, I was asked ALOT on my old blog so I figured would do the same.

Verne said...

Well, beautiful writing! There are old stargazers with not so good eyes anymore out there :)

Sidewalk Universe said...

"Loving my astronomy again" Oh that is grand! The sky never leaves us and I am so glad you found it again and sharing your delight with us! Keep posting please!

I was up to my antics again last night observing doubles and variables in the Eagle. So many to hunt down! Awesome colors and magnitude differences.

Then I was up at 5 a.m to grab a "bit o moon"enjoying sunset on the LaTronne floor flooded crater complex and the treats of the Marius Region.

What do you think about a "dueling 12.5"dob backyard showdown"? Post your observes and I will follow your trail blazed across the sky!