June 4, 2012

Astronomy Is A Great Life

 Last night I was online from 10pm - 2:42am chatting about deep sky hunting, planet hunting, saw an unbelievable amount of amateur astronomy people's sites and observances it put me in such a deep peace and focus place. This morning in the kitchen filled with deep peace reading Mike Brown the planet hunters memoir of finding planets etc I cannot believe my focus. Great book.. click here

I have a new story on my blog, have more to write up today and I have to get my imac out, let the astronomers work begin. Deep sky observing is on the menu again tonight, and a few Moon craters. My observing life is back !


StefaanC said...

Two weeks ago we had very nice weather here also and this called for an observation Session from about 23pm until 03am with incredibly nice temperatures, you could easily remain outside in a T-shirt.

I also tried out the first of the Top Double Star list, some awesome sights..
Not the best nights in darkness this time around so some objects were much more hazy and difficult, but we managed to work up a nice list with mixed items anyway.
A resume below:
Telescope; my SkyWatcher 150/750 refractor.

Pi 1 Boo
Xi Boo
Cygnus X-1
61 Cyg, very beautifull pair in a rich star field
La Superba, name says it all.... incredible view, deep orange glow
39 Boo
44 Boo
Garnet Star, deep orange/red tint Very beautifull star-rich fov
Iota Cas
HD 62195
Whirlpool Galaxy
Blue Racquetball
ET Cluster, a favourite
M 53
M 3

Anonymus Montana said...

Question Please, truth for multi colored stationary objects in night sky.