March 6, 2012

Thanks Guys, And Deep Sites For Everyone!

Thanks so much for all the emails of welcome back and those who sent in awesome stuff on what is their favorite things in the night sky since I posted the story below this one your reading right now. I answered everyone this past week and now that spring is coming I will be be out there exploring the night sky again with my scopes and star maps and will post it all here on the blog.

For those who sent messages in the comments in the last post below, I answered all your messages, go check em guys!

Now onto some great sharing! I received 29 emails from backyard explorers asking what are the websites I found as part of my  upcoming deep sky exploring this year and I decided to share them. Get your scopes ready! Lots of deep sky challenges coming your way. Would love to hear from people who are printing out these lists and taking them under the stars, beside their scopes and through the eyepiece.

Top 200 Beautiful Double Stars      Barbara Wilson's Ultimate Challenge

Deep Sky Objects That Are Off The Beaten Path 

Colossal Cool! ->  Downloadable Observing Guides On Faint Fuzzies 

Kembles Cascade & ngc5102 in Camelopardis

Saguaro Astronomy Club's Things To View ( I LOVE This!, Highly recommend checking out the 'Naked Eye 100' on that page also! )

Galaxy cluster in Hercules (mouse over pic and click for closer view)

 The Virgo Mainline    Deep Sky In Summer, Scenic Spots In Summer Sky

36 Interesting Galaxy Clusters  Tackling The Corona Borealis Cluster

This summer I want to have a blast out under the night sky in my backyard finding EVERYTHING I possible can so I decided to throw some fun words into google like challenging deep sky objects, deep sky exploring and I found all the sites above. I'll add more to my blog now and then. If you have any please do share!  For more great links check out this post from Last August, click here to read it .


StefaanC said...

You can count on my feedback for the Top 200 most beautifull star list.
You got a great set of lists here that will keep us busy for quite some time to come.. . Thanks !


StefaanC said...

I worked up these lists of asterisms, at least those visible from here in Belgium.

My favourite ? NGC457, ET Cluster