December 28, 2011

Crescent Moon And Venus, First Light Fun!

From December 27  Five  words --- Pretty awe struck right now. Venus and the  crescent Moon are together at dusk and they are spectacular! This year there are going to be  many solar system line ups and tonight was a great start.  Good ol' Luna is getting ready for another phase and Venus is  giving backyard skywatchers a great chance to really enjoy observing it, i am enjoying it.  The sky was actually full of airplanes, six of them around the western sky. Very busy skies airplane and planet, moon wise.  I filmed one and had a blast doing so.  Using my 12 inch dobsonian and 26mm eyepiece I enjoyed looking at both Venus and the Moon.

I observed from  6-6:47pm  and it was a complete blast!

What a great sight and objects for my new Polarizing Moon filters first light! Wow I am so glad I purchased it. I have a regular moon filter  and now a super duper souped up one. It was easy to use and I didn't have to keep taking it off like you do with a regular Moon filter, just turen it sort of like a dimmer. VERY GREAT ACCESORY!  Click here for my polarizing Moon filter. Click here for my regular moon filter.

Over all I enjoyed getting out in the crispy night doing some exploring. Just when I was going to move my scope to Jupiter in the east and hunt down Comet Levy, also in our skies right now below Jupiter  some high atmosphere clouds moved in.

But, Comet Levy you  enticing comet, I'll hunt you down yet!

Here are some pics I took:1.Sunset Moon 2..Same time, different camera setting 3Through my scope. 4.. My 12 inch dob 'Ambrosia' and the Moon And Venus above my scope.

VIDEOS  I SHOT... brighten your screen for the 1st one, neat smoke against sky!

Venus through my scope!


Josh K said...

I was out there too at that time! your enthusiasm over the smallest night sky stuff and views is very endearing and cute!

Orly said...

Loved the video !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You forgot to put the airplane one up, love the smoke and chimney :)

Looking forward to chatting with you saturday night! I bought a new meteor! GEEEKED!

Anonymous said...


Mike Wolfe said...

She is colossal cool, enjoyed the video of roof and smoke watched it 4 times! :)

Daryl Brown said...

First clear night here for nearly a week last night so got a great view of the moon. Was chilly though, a hoody and a jumper needed to keep out the cold. I refrained from unpacking the telescope just yet, am decorating so it would just get in the way however nearly finished and ready to fit carpet so I am looking forward to some late night stargazing. Looking forward to seeing your video.